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Absolute Shisen-Sho


Screenshot of Absolute Shisen-Sho for Mac OS XShisen-Sho is a traditional Chinese game whose origins have been lost in the mists of time, but is said to have been inspired by Mahjong. Absolute Shisen-Sho for Mac OS X tastefully combines high-quality graphics, sound and music together into the perfect way to relax after a long day. Absolute Shisen-Sho is easy to learn, but with three difficulty settings it remains a challenge to master.

The principle of the game is simple enough: you have a grid of tiles arranged on a wooden board; your goal is to match pairs of tiles and remove them all... the catch, is that you can only remove a pair of tiles if they can be connected by a vertical or horizontal line with no more than two 90-degree bends.

Screenshot of Absolute Shisen-Sho for Mac OS XThese simple rules have entranced people the world over. To avoid frustration when no more moves are possible, Absolute Shisen-Sho also gives you some super powers to use when you are stuck: Zap will remove a random pair of tiles; Cheat will remove any pair you select, even if you couldn't normally remove it; and Hint will find a pair (if any remain).

Absolute Shisen-Sho also keeps track of your game, automatically saving your progress when you stop playing, and letting you resume where you left off.

Until now, Mac OS X users have had a hard time finding this addictive puzzle game — but Absolute Shisen-Sho brings the search to an end! This challenging and fun game is available now as a universal binary, making it a perfect companion for your new Mac. Download the free trial now; the full version is only $15.99!

  • Traditional graphics for an authentic experience
  • Addictive, non-violent fun makes it suitable for all ages
  • Free trial version*

* Trial version nags between every few games, and will not let you continue saved games.

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