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Angel The Cat


Screenshot of Angel The Cat for Mac OS XHow long can you survive in this fast-paced platformer? Angel The Cat brings you nine levels (and nine lives) of fast-paced fun, plus Arcade-mode action that challenges you to survive as long as you can against constantly-accelerating obstacles!

Screenshot of Angel The Cat for Mac OS XThere are coins to collect, cheeseburgers to consume, and powerups to help... if you can collect them without falling to your feline doom in the waters below! There are fourteen achievements to acquire in Angel The Cat — do you have what it takes to collect them all?

  • Addictive, coin-collecting fun makes it suitable for all ages
  • Fourteen achievements to show off your skill*
  • Free to try, only $5.99 to buy

* Trial version will not let you continue saved games, nags every few games, and can only access the first three levels of the Classic mode.

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